UC San Diego’s ProtoLab conducts research at the intersection of social computing and design with the goal of developing tools, processes, and instructional techniques that change the way people solve complex problems creatively and collaboratively. We develop technology related to social media, crowdsourcing, mixed-initiative systems, and physical-digital interactions to enable large-scale online creativity and to study the cognitive, social, and cultural aspects of design. Learn more…

Community-Driven Design

To support community-driven design, we created Design for San Diego (D4SD), an innovation challenge structured around the human-centered design process that seeks to help communities address complex civic problems.

Supporting Collective Ideation

Investigating how social computing systems can optimize Investigating how social computing systems can optimize real-time creative collaboration in small teams or with crowds by leveraging collective knowledge.

Tools for Info Synthesis

Exploring how the practice of integrating, organizing, filtering, and evaluating information as part of a design process can be distributed across many people.

Online Feedback for Design

Creating tools to help innovators obtain and make sense of diverse feedback from potential stakeholders or customers.



Undergraduate students

Dhruv Kanetkar

Jiayu Yin

Yun Seo Chang

Catherine Gu

Sydney Zhang

Jenny Mar

Tyler Kay

Yuewen Yang

Mandy Lai

Sarah Luo

Claire Wu

Grace Lin

Isabelle Pan

Azzaya Munkhbat

Tiffany Lee

Rachel Hartanto

Yi-Hung Chou

HyoungWook Jin

Stone Tao

Shoba Santosh

Cole Biehle

Kevin De Silva Jayasinghe

Kenneth Chen

Cora Xing

Emily Zhou

David Min

Sheldon Zhu

Lucy Guo

Quincy Huang

Michael James

Michelle Ng

Nancy Zhang

Tracy Wei

Eric Richards

Peeyush Goyal

Carolyn Thio

Sarah Nicita

Krystal Zeng

Tom Garncarz

Yvonne Hou

Ifrah Mohamed

Peter Kremer

Ruthia He

Sam Blake

Li Yu

Justin Tran

Neal Tsai

Jun Liu

Reggie Wu

Yujin Cho

Lauren Liu

Gabriel Amoako

Salma El Ghayate

Rosaleen Xiong

Gennifer Hom

Anthony Bryce Grubbs

Yutong Zhang

Ashley Boone

Ziheng Huang

Nathan Hassanzadeh

Andres Baez

Isha Srivastava

Gray Wong

Yuhan Wang

Brandon Hong

Joseph Le

Owen Tong

Leo Ying

Jace Lu

Qiaochu Mu

Ming Yang

Daniel Lee

Jay Tolentino

Alex Tran

Alejandro Panduro

Allison Endo

Aohan Lin

Michael Richardson

Thomas Parashos

Tiffany Manuel

Angela Huang

Seongwook Jang

Katie Wang

Christopher Cha

Avery Hom

Aneesh Kashalikar

Kelsey Minghan Guo

Echo Ma

Sijia Xiao

Maggie Chan

Jacob Browne

JiaoJiao Song

Sanika Moharana

Brandon Nguyen

Maysnow Liu

Vivian Ta

Jungwon Shin

Sophie Vennix

Vincent Chu

Ta Wei (David) Mao

Alice Lee

Kylee Peng

Natalie Duprey

Stanley Lee

Martin Magsombol

Brendan Jew

Boya Ren

Rachel Jue

Lee Liang

Austin Nguyen

Justin Chen

Amy Liu

Andrew Chuang

Boyang Wang

Audasia Ho

Michael Wroblewski-Blanco

Enrique Zavala

Sam Fleet

Jacqueline Yeung

Grace Oh

Enrique Arcilla

Abby Paterson

Paridhi Khaitan

Hanhui (Adalyn) Lou

Avanti Dabholkar

Daniel Walder

Winnie Leung

Kendall Nakai

Ellen Lim

Swathi Anand

Angela Liu

Min Zhou

Ritvik Irigireddy

Danielle Hu

Natalie Diehl

Varun Singh

Hassler Thurston

Blake Villas

Annabelle Teoh

Shannon Wang